Welcome to People Finder

If you are unsure who to contact, you can call the University Switchboard at (703) 993-1000 during business hours with questions.

Listed below is information about the online University Directory, how email addresses are displayed, how to update your directory information and search examples.

A. About People Finder

This online University Directory contains a consistent view of student, faculty and staff information. You can search for a name, NetID (Mason username), phone number, fax number, building, mail stop, job title, or department. Titles such as Mr., Ms., Dr., etc. are not recognized.

B. How Email Addresses are Displayed in People Finder

To reduce spam sent to George Mason University students, faculty and staff, email addresses in People Finder will only be shown when the site is accessed through the on-campus network of George Mason University. Off-campus users must log in with their Mason Username (NetID) and Password to access the full directory. Non-affiliated off-campus users do not have access to email addresses for privacy reasons.

C. How to Update Directory Information

Faculty and Staff: Fill out the online form with corrections or updates to the faculty/staff directory. Questions about updating faculty/staff directory information can be directed to University Information, masondir@gmu.edu, (703) 993-1005. Requests to update directory information will be processed within 3-5 business days by University Information. Uploads usually occur weekly on Friday.

Students: The student directory is updated at the beginning of Fall and Spring semesters based on information in Patriot Web. To NOT be listed, visit the Registrar’s Office and complete a Directory Hold Form. To change your information, visit the Registrar’s Office and complete a Change of Address Form.

D. Some Search Examples

  • johns finds Johns, Johnson, etc.
  • jo finds all combinations containing any of the letters in the name or location
  • m johns finds all combinations containing any of the letters in the name or location Mary Johns, Maurice Johnson, Admissions in the Johnson Center, etc.
  • 6789 finds people with phone numbers containing 6789
  • The record has to match all of the words and numbers in a query.